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”To dare is to loose one’s footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself” Kierkegaard

To learn is to dare loose one’s footing momentarily. To learn is to leave the comfort zone of your own prejudices and habits to discover new horizons in ways of thinking and acting.

Here follows a list of on-going programs and courses that I lead together with prefered colleagues and associates:

  • The inner journey. A recurring yearly program in personal leadership together with MiL colleague Maria Delmar (in Swedish):
  • MiL Program for Experienced Managers. A recurring course in executive leadership::
  • The art of collaboration. A course on communication and team collaboration together with theatre director and actor Staffan Gerdmar.
  • Patient-physician communication. A course for physicians on leadership in health-care in collaboration with Igelösa Life Sciences and Dr. Carl-Magnus Edenbrandt. The course is given under the auspices of the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare.

In association with MiL Institute, I also lead in-house programs and courses for management teams as well as for new and experienced managers.


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