On me and my why

“Be the change you want to see in the world” - Gandhi

I’m passionate about meaningful conversations. I guess I learnt it from my mother. She was the kind of person who thought it was more important to be interested than interesting. I remember eavesdropping when my parents had guests over for dinner. Adults seemed to have fun while talking, and usually they talked about interesting things. That was the case at my house where my mother’s Mexican background and humanist world-view many times contrasted with my Swedish father’s more pragmatic business-driven approach. I learned early on that different and contrasting opinions do not necessarily occlude a conversation. On the contrary, in many ways, they enrich it.

I made a ”career” decision in line with my passion. During 18 years I worked as a priest and spiritual counsellor. During these years I met people in very dramatic and overwhelming circumstances but also in the routines of everyday life. They came to me seeking hope, solace, joy or new perspectives. These conversations, I realise now, were many times life-changing. A conversation can have consequences and be of great significance.

When I left my ministry to form a family I became a coach. I wanted to continue creating safe spaces for conversation and reflexion; spaces to grow, to become a little wiser and to make decisions leading to a better and richer life. I have now worked as a professional coach and leadership consultant for over twelve years. I also work with groups; groups that want and need a space where they can reflect on their mutual dependency and become better at harnessing every individual member’s true potential. 

My childhood dream has become reality, and good conversations a path to meaningfulness and personal growth.

Axel Carlberg

Stora Algatan 10
22350 Lund

Telefon: 0705614616
E-post: axel.carlberg@upspring.se

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