Powerful conversations

Coaching is a new term for meaningful conversations that can radically shift your perception and impact your actions. This type of conversation is akin to mentorship, motivational interview (MI) or philosophical practice. The conversations I lead, be they one-to-one or in group, are charactarised by:


You need confidence in order to cross boundaries in thought and action. My job is to create the optimal environment that enables you to express freely your thoughts and feelings. I create a framework with clear ground-rules, starting with confidentiality.  From there, my responsibility is to nurture a conversational tone that enables you to approach complex issues with a relaxed mind and a creative spirit.

Enhanced understanding

Your willingness to impact your situation depends greatly on your ability to understand your predicament. It is important to share observations and perceptions, to identify significant details and to formulate reasonable interpretations. What patterns do you see in your behaviour that influences your leadership? What is truly important to you? What are the behaviours and accomplishments that are accorded importance in your organisational culture, by whom and why? Critical distance is paramount here, as well as curiosity, in order to understand what is happening around you and within you. The more you understand the more leverage you gain to influence others.

Sustained agency

You’re the one in charge and can determine the course of action for yourself and your organisation. But you need time to think and ponder different alternatives and express doubts and fears. You also need a speaking partner who will hear you out, encourage you to think slowly and show you possibilities where you only see obstacles. Powerful conversations strengthen your agency, sharpen your discernment and embolden you to act – or to hold back.

Clear feedback

Clear feedback can provide you with valuable information on how others interpret your attitudes, behaviours, thoughts and actions. In a group process, reciprocal feedback can clear misunderstandings, strengthen group cohesiveness and improve internal communication, which in turn can lead to enhanced group effectiveness. To give feedback, however, is a difficult art; an art which must be used properly and exercised with benevolence, justice and prudence. It must also follow strict ground rules. My job is to ensure that feedback is given properly, at the right moment and for the right reasons. 

All conversational series, whether they be one-to-one or in group, are customized according to needs and goals.

Axel Carlberg

Stora Algatan 10
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