"All things are rooted in a Yes and a No." - Paul Tillich

Ethics has three dimensions:

1) The critical reflection on how we should act
2) The individual and collective values that indentify what is important
3) The art of translating these values into effective action

In my work as ethicist I work with all these aspects, often in situations of complexity and competing – or even conflicting – values.

Some of my past consultancy tasks in the area of ethics:

  • Coaching in ethics and leadership
  • Open program on practical wisdom for senior managers
  • Formulation of core values for an organisation
  • Revision and follow-up on core values in an organisation
  • Ethics mentorship for senior research in biomedicine
  • Course in palliative care ethics for physicians
  • Seminars on suicide prevention for staff in psychiatry
  • Ethics assessment of research projects within biomedicine
  • Research on the socialisation of science and technology in developing countries
  • Research on physician ethics and the status of patients in modern health care
  • Ethics advisory for research consortium in security matters
Axel Carlberg

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